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Software Engineering Process

A core belief of TARVOS Systems is CMMI and IEEE 12207 conformant engineering processes are critical to the quality and maintainability of systems we develop, and key to delivering solutions on budget and on schedule. Our processes and engineering services include:

  • Defining and employing Configuration Management procedures to safeguard the investment of our customers
  • Industry standard notations and languages for designing and documenting systems such as the Unified Modeling Language, the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), IDEF0, and supporting CASE tools
  • Developing automated regression test suites to reduce risk from changes, find errors early, reduce manual test effort, and increase robustness.
  • Development environment is supported by the IBM Rational tool suite that integrates testing tools, the requirements management tool, and a problem tracking tool to providing traceability of problem reports to requirements and to test cases
  • Utilization of QA tools that perform memory leak detection, code coverage and performance analysis to achieve a quality product with reduced testing costs
  • Evaluation and integration of COTS tools in the systems we design to achieve cost savings and reduce risk
  • We also offer consulting services to develop and train engineering and enterprise processes in the requirements analysis, project management, and engineering process areas